Vehicle Repowering Solutions Ltd was formed after the succesfull completion of a Government funded Project to reduce NOx pollution of Black Cabs in Birmingham, initiated by Birmingham City Council.

The company idea was to productionize the developed technology and sell the conversions throughout the UK with it’s first priority to start Sales in London.

GasCab as it’s called is a replacement Petrol/LPG engine for existing Diesel Black Cabs, effectively reducing NOx by 80% and PM by 99%. It’s performance has been acknowledged and tested by independent institutes and the potential is huge; The solution, while expensive, offers a return of investment within 3 yrs. The benefits include a 30% fuel cost saving, 5 year extension to the life of the Cab (right to work in the city) and numerous performance and environmental benefits.

EV and LPG

VRS is also offering LPG for Fleet operators (both Car and Van) and is partnered with Emoss.

Emoss, a Dutch engineering company has been succesfully producing Fully Electric truck up to 44 tonnes for the past 8 years. Recently they have expanded their possibilities to include a range extended engine that can be powered by Petrol, CNG or LPG.
Offering a range extender opens up possibilites for operators to use both the Zero Emission Capable drive up to 120km* (74 miles*) and charge the batteries to increase it’s range to over 400km* (245 miles*) or charge the batteries if a Charging point is unavailable.

*range can vary depending on battery size and tank size

The Company is located in Alcester, because of the strategic location in the UK and building expansion possibilities.